Derivative Media Group is a creative studio and multimedia production company located in Los Angeles, CA.

About Derivative®

Founded by TV Producer, Justin Sena, while on the road in production, Derivative® began in early 2014 as the apparel & accessories company, Derivative Apparel.  From guitar string bracelets to apparel made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles, everything is a derivative of something.

Building the brand while living life from a suitcase traveling in production, Sena quickly linked up with Amazon to fulfill orders and typically traveled everything needed for a mobile office.

After a decade of producing TV shows & photo shoots, building & marketing websites, and flying drones as an FAA certified drone pilot; the brand evolved and eventually became, Derivative Media.

justin sena

Justin [ Sena ]

Producer | Drone Pilot | Derivative® Founder 

Justin has been supporting production companies & networks for over a decade and has produced some of the largest shows on television.  Being highly creative with a thorough understanding of logistics and the entire production process has given Sena the ability to become a versatile producer and proven asset to productions.

From international photo shoot producer to producing infomercials and branded content, Justin has produced everything from ‘The Amazing Race’ and ‘America’s Next Top Model’ to this website.

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